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Nestled in the heart of Roscommon, Blueprint Autos offers unrivalled BMW servicing, revolutionising your driving experience. Our services encompass both general and specialist areas, each designed to fortify your BMW’s performance and lifespan. 

Unique to us, we access and update your vehicle’s service history via the manufacturer’s online systems, ensuring seamless care. Begin your journey to superior reliability and enhanced driving pleasure by booking your service with us today.

General Service

NCT Checks

Committed to your safety, we conduct comprehensive NCT Checks to ensure your BMW meets national standards, letting you hit the road with confidence.

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CVRT Checks

Our detailed CVRT checks guarantee the optimal performance and safety of your commercial vehicle, upholding business standards.

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Vehicle Safety Inspection

Our meticulous safety inspections prioritise your peace of mind, affirming your BMW’s roadworthy condition and outstanding performance.

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Power Steering Service

Experience effortless control with our expert power steering services, aimed at maximising the smoothness of your drive.

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Coolant System Service

We provide expert coolant system services to keep your BMW running smoothly, preventing engine overheating and promoting efficiency.

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Brake Fluid Change

Our thorough brake fluid changes ensure optimum stopping power, enhancing safety and drivability.

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Discover the perfect tyres for your BMW from our carefully selected, high-quality range, designed to complement your driving experience.

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Specialist Service

Air Conditioning

Our specialised air conditioning service keeps your BMW comfortable and cool, optimising your climate control for the variable Roscommon weather.

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Emissions Testing

We conduct comprehensive emissions testing to ensure your car adheres to environmental regulations, contributing to a greener Roscommon.

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Computerised Wheel Alignment

Experience improved handling and longer tyre life with our precision computerised four-wheel alignment, ensuring your BMW drives as intended.

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Our advanced auto-diagnostics swiftly pinpoint any issues, enabling us to perform necessary repairs accurately and efficiently.

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Transmission Servicing

Our expert transmission services safeguard your BMW’s performance, contributing to a smoother, more reliable drive.

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