Coolant System Service

At Blueprint Autos, we believe in a thorough approach to vehicle maintenance and our coolant system service is no exception. Contrary to common belief, the inspection of your vehicle’s coolant, also known as antifreeze, isn’t just a winter task.

Antifreeze not only safeguards your engine against freezing temperatures but also plays a pivotal role as a coolant during summer driving. In addition, it carries an anti-corrosion agent that prevents your engine and cooling system from succumbing to corrosive damage.

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All-Season Protection for Your Vehicle

The dual role of the antifreeze – to cool your engine during hot summer drives and to protect against freezing in the winter – underscores its year-round importance. Ensuring that it is functioning optimally is crucial for the smooth operation of your vehicle’s engine and cooling system.

Rigorous Coolant System Inspection

Our coolant system service involves meticulous testing of your cooling system fluid. We perform two essential tests:

  1. Freezing Point Test: This ensures your coolant is protecting your engine even in the chilliest temperatures.
  2. Acidity Test: By checking the acidity levels of the coolant, we prevent potential corrosion to your engine and cooling system.

Safeguarding Your Engine and Your Pocket

Identifying and addressing any coolant-related issues early can significantly protect your engine’s cooling system. It can also save you from unexpected repair costs down the line.

In the case of any issues found during our tests, with your permission, we will flush out the existing cooling system fluid and replenish it with new, high-quality coolant. This proactive service will provide lasting protection to your engine, ensuring its durability and performance.

Trust Blueprint Autos with your coolant system service. We’re committed to offering you a service that safeguards both your engine and your peace of mind.

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