Your Local Car Air Conditioning Service in Roscommon

At Blueprint Autos, we understand the importance of comfort during your journey. Whether it’s a cool breeze on a hot day or a warm gust on a chilly one, we ensure your air conditioning system delivers. 

If a system breakdown makes your journey uncomfortable, our skilled technicians are ready to restore optimal function. We offer a comprehensive air conditioning service package to ensure clean, fresh air in your vehicle at all times.

Full Air Conditioning Service

Comprehensive Checks and Maintenance

Our full-service package includes comprehensive checks and maintenance of your air conditioning system. We ensure every component, from the compressor to the evaporator, is working perfectly, delivering the temperature you desire when you need it.

Re-gas and System Testing

Recharging and Performance Testing

Over time, the refrigerant in your air conditioning system may deplete, impacting its performance. Our re-gas service efficiently replenishes this, restoring your system’s cooling capabilities. Following the re-gas, we perform a thorough system test to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Disinfectant Treatment and Pollen Filter Change

Enhancing Air Quality

Your vehicle’s air quality is crucial for a comfortable and healthy journey. We include a disinfectant treatment of your air vents and a pollen filter change in our service package. This process ensures cleaner, fresher air, enhancing your comfort and reducing allergy triggers.

For reliable air conditioning services in Roscommon, trust Blueprint Autos. Book your service today and enjoy fresh, clean air on all your journeys.

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